Investigation,Survey and data collection

We attempt to understand the larger forces and the various changes taking place in democratic politics and society. We aim to conduct large-scale empirical studies of the social and the cultural basis of the politics in India. Our data unit holdings might constitute the largest archives of social scientifically reliable survey data on social,political and cultural behaviour and attitudes. We comprehend a humane and holistic view of democracy that goes beyond democratic Institutions and processes in the narrow sense and emphasizes the survival of dissent, pluralism and the cultural contents of the civil society which are critical for an inclusive growth, sustainable development and future of India.

We are committed to develop high levels of sophistication in survey research methods. Our scholars and experts provide designing of the survey instruments, sampling and data processing and analysis. Our data unit holds the right to archive and use the data set for scientific analysis once it has been used by the organisation that gets the survey conducted. We at BIF believe that pursuit of knowledge should always be a socially relevant activity.